PLA Basic Gradient

Soft Bicolor Gradient Appearance. The soft transition between two colors creates a vibrant and stunning visual effect on printed models.

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Product Features

  • Soft Bicolor Gradient
  • Delicate Finish
  • Comes with Basic Reusable Spool
  • Diameter: 1.75mm +/- 0.03mm
  • AMS Compatible
Shipping Weight
  • 1.400 Kg
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Elevate Your Prints: Soft Bicolor Gradient and High-Speed Precision

Immerse yourself in the magic of soft bicolor gradients, where the gentle transition between two colors brings vibrancy and stunning visual effects to your 3D prints. This filament not only adds an artistic touch to your models but also boasts high-speed printing capabilities, reaching up to 300mm/s (with 0.4mm nozzle), all while maintaining a delicate and refined finish.

Soft Bicolor Gradient Appearance: A Visual Symphony

Indulge in a visual symphony as the soft transition between two colors weaves its magic on your printed models. The vibrant and stunning visual effect created by this filament transforms your creations into dynamic and lively pieces of art. Each layer showcases a seamless blend of gradient colors, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your prints.

Display of Gradient Prints: Ideal for Pretty Toys and Decorations

Bring your prints to life with the captivating display of gradient colors. The soft bicolor transition makes this filament perfect for crafting pretty toys or decorations, adding a touch of elegance to every project. From playful designs to intricate patterns, the gradient colors elevate the visual appeal of your 3D prints.

High Printing Speed with Delicate Finish: Precision in Motion

Experience the best of both worlds with high-speed printing capabilities and a delicate finish. This filament allows printing speeds of up to 300mm/s (with 0.4mm nozzle) without compromising on the delicate and refined quality of your prints. Achieve efficiency without sacrificing precision, making it an ideal choice for various 3D printing applications.

Unleash Creativity with Precision and Style

In conclusion, the combination of soft bicolor gradients and high-speed precision makes this filament a powerhouse for 3D printing enthusiasts. Whether you're creating toys, decorations, or intricate models, unleash your creativity with the magic of gradient prints and the efficiency of high-speed printing. Elevate your prints, achieve delicate finishes at remarkable speeds, and let your imagination flourish with this exceptional filament.



Recommended Printing Settings

Drying Settings (Blast Drying Oven)
55 °C,8 h
Printing and Keeping Container's Humidity
< 20% RH (Sealed, with Desiccant)
Nozzle Temperature
190 - 230 °C
Bed Temperature (with Glue)
35 - 45 °C
Printing Speed
< 300 mm/s

Physical Properties

1.24 g/cm³
Vicat Softening Temperature
57 °C
Heat Deflection Temperature
57 °C
Melting Temperature
160 °C
Melt Index
42.4 ± 3.5 g/10 min

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength
36 ± 2 MPa
Breaking Elongation Rate
15.2 ± 0.5 %
Bending Modulus
2270 ± 60 MPa
Bending Strength
73 ± 3 MPa
Impact Strength
61.2 ± 2.8 kJ/m²

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