AMS - Automatic Material System

Make Multi-Color 3D Printing Real. Color, the ultimate expression of emotions, is brought to you by Bambu Lab's Automatic Material System (AMS). You can now enjoy printing freely in multiple colors and materials.

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Product Features

  • Multi-Colors/materials Capability
  • Keep Filament Dry
  • Filament Runout & Winding Detection
  • AMS Filament Backup
Shipping Weight
  • 5.000 Kg
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Bambu Lab AMS - Transforming 3D Printing with Automatic Material System

Unlock the World of Multi-Color 3D Printing

Bambu Lab introduces a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of 3D printing – the Automatic Material System (AMS). Color, the ultimate expression of emotions, is no longer limited to single-color prints. AMS opens the door to multi-color 3D printing, offering creators the freedom to print in a spectrum of colors and materials seamlessly.

Seamless Multi-Material Printing

AMS revolutionizes multi-material printing, making it applicable to a wide range of materials such as PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PC, and more. Say goodbye to the constraints of single-material printing; with AMS, the world of possibilities expands, allowing you to bring your creative visions to life with diverse materials.

Hassle-Free Support Removal

Bambu Lab's AMS goes beyond color innovation; it simplifies the support removal process. Utilizing snap-away support material or dissolvable filament, AMS minimizes the pain of removing supports, ensuring that your post-processing workflow is as smooth as your printing experience.

No More Filament Leftover

Traditional 3D printing experiences interruptions when filament runs out, leading to wasted material and manual spool replacements. AMS changes the game by seamlessly transitioning to a new spool, ensuring uninterrupted printing and minimizing filament waste. Bid farewell to the inefficiencies of manual interventions.

Filament Backup for Uninterrupted Printing

With AMS, your print never stops. The automatic spool-changing function ensures a continuous printing process. The AMS filament backup function guarantees that you never have to worry about running out of filament during your absence, preserving the integrity of your prints and preventing any unnecessary filament waste.

Advanced Intelligent System

Powered by a 32-bit MCU, sensor arrays, actuators, and a smart algorithm, the AMS takes intelligence to unprecedented levels. Expertly managing filament loading and unloading, along with efficient fault detection and recovery, AMS ensures that your 3D printing process is not only colorful but also highly efficient.

Filament Tangle Detection

AMS anticipates and avoids potential printing hiccups. When filament encounters resistance due to tangling or spool issues, AMS detects it immediately and suspends printing, preventing air printing and ensuring the integrity of your prints.

Keep Filament Dry with Humidity Detection

Moisture-absorbed filament can compromise print quality. AMS addresses this by featuring an air-tight seal and utilizing desiccant material to keep moisture away from the filament. A built-in Humidity Sensor alerts users when humidity levels are high or when desiccant replacement is needed, ensuring consistently high print quality.

Automatic Filament Identification for Optimal Settings

AMS takes user convenience to the next level with automatic filament identification using RFID technology. Synchronized with Bambu Studio, AMS reads RFID tags on Bambu Lab filaments and automatically applies the best settings for your chosen material, guaranteeing optimal print results.

Support Up to 16 Colors

Each Bambu Lab AMS comprises 4 filament slots, allowing for the installation of up to 4 AMS units in parallel. This configuration supports up to 16 colors for truly stunning prints. Achieve the pinnacle of color diversity by connecting 4 AMS units via an AMS hub, unlocking a world of vibrant possibilities.

In conclusion, Bambu Lab's Automatic Material System transcends the boundaries of traditional 3D printing, bringing forth a new era of multi-color and multi-material possibilities. Elevate your creations with the transformative capabilities of AMS, where innovation meets efficiency and creativity knows no bounds.

What's in the box

  • AMS
  • PTFE Tube
  • Bus Cable - 6pin & Bus Cable - 4pin
  • Spare Filament Cutter (x2)
  • PTFE Tube Connector
  • Filament Buffer
  • Reusable Spool (x3)
  • High Temperature Reusable Spool


AMS Tech Specs

Product Size
368*283*224 mm
Package Size
445*365*320 mm
Product Weight
2.5 kg
Gross Weight
5 kg
Supported Filament
Unsupported Filament*
TPE, TPU, PVA (wet), BVOH (wet), Bambu PET-CF/ TPU 95A and other brand's filaments that contain carbon fiber or glass fiber
Filament Diameter
1.75 mm
Supported Spool Size*
width: 50-68 mm, diameter: 197-202 mm

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