Setterox 3D Printing Products Production Est is a UAE based company for comprehensive3D printing solutions. It has built a strong position onthe market of desktop and professional 3D printers,while also offering dedicated materials and softwareand additional devices to improve the printing processand post processing.

The company uses innovative solutions and highquality materials to focus on providing precision ofprinting primarily to business professionals.

Therefore, our products are used by thousands ofcustomers in a wide range of industries, such asarchitecture, healthcare, automotive, engineering,industrial prototyping, or fashion.

We help companies and individuals find and compareindustrial 3D printing solutions by examining 3D printedsample parts, and printing their own benchmark partswith leading technologies.

Setterox 3D printing services is an on-demandmanufacturing service aimed at both enterprises andindividuals. Customers' designs are fabricated on 3Dprinters operated by a dedicated team of professional3D printing engineers and shipped to any chosen placein the GCC.
Innovation is in our DNA. Our mission is to move theindustry forward with new standards develop custom-built FPV's by partnering with a knowledgeablemanufacturers.

We hope to have you along in our journey, and may itprove fruitful for all parties involved.