ACF Film

The new Phrozen ACF film is designed with a non-stick and smoother film surface for more efficient 3D printing. Compared to FEP and PFA (nFEP) film, the ACF film features a better release, reducing the printing time and increasing the success rate.

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Product Features

  • Less Peeling Force
  • Print Faster Than Before
  • Successful Print Every Time
Shipping Weight
  • 0.350 Kg
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  • Less Peeling Force
    With a smoother and less sticky surface, Phrozen ACF film has a better release compared to FEP and PFA (nFEP) film.
  • Print Faster Than Before
    Minimize your lift distance and boost your printing speed, all without worrying about suction cups.
  • Successful Print Every Time
    No more failed prints, even when printing large models with fewer and thinner supports.

*In comparison to Phrozen FEP and PFA(nFEP) films.
*Please note that printing with extreme speed for an extended period will quickly wear out your LCD and ACF film.

Phrozen ACF Film Mighty

  • Material:ACF
  • Color:Transparent
  • Size:220 x 310 mm
  • Applicable Models:Sonic Mighty 8K
  • Spec: 300 μm
  • Content:Phrozen ACF Film (220x 310 mm) x 3 pc

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