Product design

Efficient Product Development with In-House Desktop 3D Printing: Rapid Prototyping for Quick Feedback: In-house desktop 3D printing empowers product designers to swiftly turn their ideas into physical models, facilitating quick feedback loops. This rapid prototyping capability accelerates the product development process, making it more efficient by allowing designers to receive feedback on their designs in a matter of hours.

  • Low-Volume Batch Production with Industrial-Grade Materials: End-Use Parts with Precision: In the product industry, in-house 3D printing enables the creation of low-volume batches of end-use parts using industrial-grade materials. These materials closely match the properties of common injection-molded plastics, ensuring that the 3D printed parts can be used for functional testing and evaluation.
  • Cost Reduction through Design Verification: Verify Design before Investment in Molds: In-house desktop 3D printing helps reduce costs by allowing product designers to verify a design before investing in expensive molds and tooling. Traditional manufacturing methods often require significant upfront investments, and any design flaws can render the molds useless. 3D printing allows for design validation, minimizing the risk of costly mistakes.
  • Rapid Iteration with No Cost Penalties: Quick Transition from Concept to Prototype: Product designers benefit from the ability to turn conceptual ideas into prototypes in a matter of days, and they can rapidly iterate designs without incurring significant cost penalties. This iterative process enables designers to check and refine the size, shapes, and geometries of the product repeatedly until the optimal design is achieved.

In summary, in-house desktop 3D printing has transformative effects on product design, offering rapid prototyping, the ability to create low-volume batches of end-use parts, cost reduction through design verification, and rapid iteration with no cost penalties. This technology enhances efficiency in the product development lifecycle and contributes to the creation of high-quality, well-tested designs.

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